Nothing much to report on what the rats got up to today, they need a good clean out but they sort of made a new friend...
 An adult friend of ours came over and she really took to them, she loved the fact that the boys licked her finger when she put her hand in the cage to stroke them. They always lick, we've never known them to bite unless they mistake it for food.
The girls do have a tendency to bite, though. We don't think it's their fault, we bought them from the pet shop when they were a few weeks older than they should be when you buy pet rats, so they probably became a bit too accustomed to the 'I'm stuck in a glass aquarium and i get kids tapping on the window all day' lifestyle. We don't blame them, and we do try to handle them as much as possible. The boys we bought when they were still about 8 weeks old, so they learnt to lick whenever you go near them!
They love to eat anything, like most rats do really, I always find myself feeding them almost anything I'm eating, within reason of course. They are vegetarian like myself and Jake, (who eats some meat, but not much). So we feed them fresh vegetables and crisps and things, they love cucumber, as they eat it from the inside out and often leave the skin behind. :)
Right now, two of the girls, Sadie and Saffron, are sleeping in the hammock we bought them and Smudge has covered herself up with wood shavings in the corner of the cage. We are planning on buying the girls a new cage soon too, the same one as the boys which we bought cheap online.
At the moment the boys are both sleeping together in the wood shavings on the bottom floor, rather than on their new cushions which I made for them recently. The first hammock I made I gave to the boys but they seemed scared to stand on it, even when we placed treats on it to coax them so we took it out and placed it in the girls cage. they took to it sleeping on it a couple of times, before mauling it and chewing up one of the straps!
I've modified it now and the straps are a lot stronger than before, and I've began making more of them. Expect to see a bigger range of colours of our products on the website soon!

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